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Updates from CTE (Gina Crawford)

Gina would also like to schedule the IEP application meetings with you so please bring your calendars!

Updates from Pattan:

Information about the project: To provide on-going training for high educators/administrators across the state. Districts that interested in applying for this pilot must have completed the Indicator 13 training process to be eligible to participate in this project. The team that should be assembled to support this pilot may include but not limited to the following members: principal, special education administrator, transition coordinator, guidance counselor, CTE administrator (recommended), and IU/PaTTAN Transition Consultant.

IEP Invitation for Transition Aged Students:
The student invite and parent invite may not be on the same form. The student's invite must either be the state promulgated form used for inviting parents (only it would be made out to the student) or they may devise their own cover letter inviting the student and just use that.
Here is the wording and the reasoning from PDE:
An LEA must invite a student of any age to attend his/her IEP team meeting if transition planning is being discussed as part of the IEP. A separate Invitation or cover letter addressed to the student is required and will provide documentation that the student was invited to the IEP team meeting.

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