Transition Community of Practice Session 1/25/2012 - Family Engagement
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Information for Educators:

Transition Parent Surveys:

Employment Readiness Surveys:


Transition Conference Call Notes- December

Transition Assessment Guide:

Distribution of Works for Me Calendars
Should be distributed to current 11th and 12th grade special education students.

Reports from BSE on Compliance:


Training Reminders:
2/9/2012 (9:30-11:30) - Measurable Annual Goals for Indicator 13 Teams and Past Cohort Teams
2/15/2012 (10:00-12:00)- Cohort #1Post Survey - Village Charter of Chester Upland, Chester Upland, Chichester, and Marple Newtown
(1:00-3:00) - Corhort #2 Exit Survey - William Penn, Southeast Delco, Springfield, Chester Upland
3/28/2012 (9:30-11:30) - Transition COP Training Webinar